Groups I Follow

Three Groups That I Follow

1.  The Free Thought Project:  I follow them because they offer a wide variety of news not typically reported by the main stream media.  This is the group that I learned about the Mandela Effect from and they often report on developing scientific concepts.

2.  Dawn Lutrell.  She a local comedian famous for her impersonations of Ellen Degeneres and her unique humor based on being a recovering addict.  I follow her because I saw one of her first shows at Linn County Fair Grounds and I think that she might be famous some day.

3.Mandela Effect.  I follow this group because it explores examples and possible causes of The Mandela Effect.  Also it is a closed group so the discussions tend to be free of trolls and skeptics.

My Favorite Tweet

My favorite Tweet is from President Trump.  When he Tweeted:  "Despite the negative press covfefe."  I love this tweet because Trump made up a word and it went viral.  The power that the president wields with a simple tweet is fascinating.  Also it exemplifies the debate on whether the president should tweet in the middle of the night without input from his advisers.


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