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Hi!  I'm Jason. I grew up in Newport but moved to the valley the summer before 9th grade. After graduating in 2003, I trained in Culinary Arts but after a week working in an actual restaurant, I realized I couldn't make as a chef. So I found a desk job and worked at almost every call center between Eugene and Portland during the next ten years. Last summer, I realized that my 20's really were gone and I had yet to live that old quote from Mark Twain, so I enrolled at LB and spent my first 3 semester s taking classes seemingly at random trying to find something that I could enjoy doing for the rest of my life. Then I found this class while browsing summer courses and decided that I might be able to develop my passion for politics and news into a career. .

My interest in the media started in 8th grade when I was grounded to my room with only an AM radio for entertainment and discovered talk radio. Lars, Rush and Art Bell fascinated me because they reported the news deeper than the cable networks and didn't have to hide their bias. My interest reached a new peak when I finally got a smart phone 3 months ago and for the first time had constant access to all the information I could ever want. That's when I learned that there are at least 3 sides to every story reported in the media. The Left says one thing, the Right says the opposite and the alt media like The Free Thought  Project says it's all a ruse to give us an illusion of control while someone or something else is really in control. That's what I hope to learn about the media: how to find the needle of actual truth in the haystack of information.

As you can see, I am actually pretty passionate passionate about the media, but I discovered my current interest in fringe theories last Christmas when I clicked a link about a movie called "Shazamm" that a lot of people remember but apparently doesn't exist and fell down the rabbit hole that is The Mandela Effect.

(2nd post about the assigned viewing will come tomorrow when I get WiFi access.)


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