Groups I Follow

Three Groups That I Follow

1.  The Free Thought Project:  I follow them because they offer a wide variety of news not typically reported by the main stream media.  This is the group that I learned about the Mandela Effect from and they often report on developing scientific concepts.

2.  Dawn Lutrell.  She a local comedian famous for her impersonations of Ellen Degeneres and her unique humor based on being a recovering addict.  I follow her because I saw one of her first shows at Linn County Fair Grounds and I think that she might be famous some day.

3.Mandela Effect.  I follow this group because it explores examples and possible causes of The Mandela Effect.  Also it is a closed group so the discussions tend to be free of trolls and skeptics.

My Favorite Tweet

My favorite Tweet is from President Trump.  When he Tweeted:  "Despite the negative press covfefe."  I love this tweet because Trump made up a word and it went viral.  The power that the president wields with a simple …

Sources of Information

Aa1. NPR's late night coverage of BBC NewsThis is a my primary source for coverage of American politics because it being based in Britain it does have a stake in the elections and therefore does not have an agenda, hidden or otherwise.I consider this the most reliable source of in depth, unbiased information due to its rich history and it's international perspective.2. Conservative Talk RadioThis is major source because it goes deeper into news stories and though it is unapologetically biased, some hosts like Lars Larson encourage opposing opinions and the resulting discussions will occasionally change long held opinions and at the least give me a better understanding of the opposite side.The reliability of the information presented by talk radio is by it's nature biased, but a well established host like Rush Limbaugh cannot afford to damage his reputation by putting out blatantly false information, so as long as you don't forget where it's coming from the informat…

About Me

Hi!  I'm Jason. I grew up in Newport but moved to the valley the summer before 9th grade. After graduating in 2003, I trained in Culinary Arts but after a week working in an actual restaurant, I realized I couldn't make as a chef. So I found a desk job and worked at almost every call center between Eugene and Portland during the next ten years. Last summer, I realized that my 20's really were gone and I had yet to live that old quote from Mark Twain, so I enrolled at LB and spent my first 3 semester s taking classes seemingly at random trying to find something that I could enjoy doing for the rest of my life. Then I found this class while browsing summer courses and decided that I might be able to develop my passion for politics and news into a career. .My interest in the media started in 8th grade when I was grounded to my room with only an AM radio for entertainment and discovered talk radio. Lars, Rush and Art Bell fascinated me because they reported the news deeper tha…